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Here is an in the works FAQ

How much are your bullets?
Sterling silver bullet
Silver plated bullet
Gold plated bullet
Solid Gold bullet
POR but usually $400+
Solid sterling silver bullet and cartdrige
POR but usually $200
Solid gold silver bullet and cartdrige with jewell

What bullet did the lone ranger shoot?
The Lone ranger shot a 45 Long Colt. Most fans like the look of our round nose 45 long colt bullet

Are the boxes on the gits page for sale?

Yes they are, they just aren't in our shopping cart yet. Just mention them in the contacts section of your order

How do you make silver bullets, can I do them on my own in my lead molds, can a jeweler do it for me?

Well if I told you that, how would I sell any? Most of our bullets are made using traditional jewelry making processes.  If you cast using molds for lead bullets, it will probably come out undersized.

Why don't you sell loaded silver bullets?

Two words, liability insurance. With a contract and lawyers, it could probably be done.

Can I reload your bullets? How difficult is it?

Yes you can, and it is not very hard. Silver is lighter and harder than lead, so please take that into account when loading your bullets. If you really want a loaded bullet, let us know and we can let you borrow the equipment and will walk you through it. We do not suggest firing silver bullets unless your firearm is designed for it.

Will a silver bullet damage my gun, isn't it too hard?

Silver is in the same hardness range as pure copper. There are solid copper bullets on the market now. Check with your gun manufacturer to be sure

Why are they so expensive, bullets only cost xxx and silver only costs $x.xx ?

Silver is much harder to cast then lead and then there is all of the polishing work that must go on. Think of it as jewelry for your gun. If you look at the cost of Jewelry of a similar weight, our prices are probably too low. The Federal goverment also requires and 11% excise tax on all manufactured bullets. We have to pay that tax.

Will you ship internationally ?
Yes, as long as your local laws allow for it. It is usually cheaper ship overnight than ground

Do you give quantity discounts, can you handle a large order?
Yes. We have filled orders from 1 to 1000 bullets so far. Always looking for that 10,000 silver bullet order.

How do I  order?
For sterling silver bullets, click on our calibers page. Then click on the buy icon next to the bullet that you are interested in. Sterling Silver

For silver plated bullets, click on our plated page. Then click on the buy icon next to the bullet that you are interested in. Silver Plated

For other bullets, send us an email.
How long does it take to send my bullet?

All depends. If we have what you need ready to go, then one week. If not, usually about two weeks. The more custom, and the more engraving the more time.

I asked question using this page, but you didn't respond!
Oops, the site was down for a while. Please contact us again.

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