Silver Bullets - Western Style

Silver bullets have been made famous by the Lone Ranger

John Breeding of Denver Colorado offers this insight In point of fact, the Ranger used silver bullets for a couple of reasons

He did indeed have access to a silver mine (jointly owned by himself, his brother and a retired ranger named Jim Blaine) His other was killed by Butch Cavendish, so Jim Blaine was given the mine to work. It was Jim who actually made the Ranger's bullets for him. Jim was also the only other person besides Tonto who knew the Ranger's real name.

The Ranger wanted silver bullets to become a symbol of law and justice in the west.
The "humane" argument isn't true, simply because the Ranger never shot to kill,
only to disarm. These come from the very first Lone Ranger TV episode, 
"Enter the Lone Ranger" from 1949.

Silver Bullets -Vampires

I always thought that you needed sunlight, wooden stakes or holy water to do in a vampire Movie after movie seems to have silver bullets doing the job. Is this just hollywood? Anyway, to be safe you should order a hollowpoint silver bullet with holy water in it.

Silver Bullets - Werewolves (Lycanthropes)

Let's see if I can get this correct, lycantrhope hunters please help Originally it wasn't silver that did the werewolves in, but Silver Nitrate, a strong anteseptic Either that or quicksilver (mercury) also toxic. Might be a good custom bullet, 44mag hollopoint filled with silver nitrate!

		Sab writes
		Silver and iron are both considered magic metals so before silver it was iron as an iron sword for werewolves
		and silver bullets also and as well vampires yet u have to shoot the vampire in the heart to kill it and if
		its a full moon and the vampire looks at the moon after being shot in the heart with the silver bullet
		the moon revitalizes the vampire and infuriates it making it harder to kill.

Gold Bullets

I'm probably really out in left field here, but I think that you use them to shoot zombies

I've lost the email, but one person wrote in to tell me about Gold Bullets and Dr. Who. Please remind me of the info. Something about gold dust being toxic to some alien's breathing apparatus.

Also just reported, in the Wallace and Grommet movie, curse of the WereRabbit, gold bullets play a prominent role!