More then just presentation Bullets

Wear your silver bullet with pride. We can mount all of our bullets as jewelry. Usually necklaces, often earings, maybe even a keychain or cufflink if it suits you. It's what you wear, so design it to suit you!

Here are a few pictures to give you some ideas. Any bullet we make can be put on a necklace,earings, keychain, tie tack...

You have two choices, just the bullet itself, or the bullet in the case

For a Necklace, the .308 bullet outside of the case looks great. If you are really hardcore, then maybe a 9mm in the case is your choice

For earings, .223 bullets outside of the case is probably your best bet.

If you have a favorite caliber, don't hesitate to ask, we can put it on something!

These bullets are our ultimate offerings yet. The first is a 45 ACP bullet made from solid 14k white gold. Mounted in the hollowpoint is an amethyst surrounded by over 90 high quality diamonds. The second is a 9mm bullet also solid 14k white gold but with a diamond in the hollow point. They can not be made to fire since it is solid gold all the way through.

9mm Diamond Bullet with a Flower
.308, Larger bullet looks good on men silver bullet 9mm in case buy silver bullet
308 silver bullet necklace 9mm silver bullet necklace in case

9mm bullet only buy silver bullet 223 in goldbuy silver bullet
9mm silver bullet necklace .223 gold bullet necklace

.223 silver bullet earing buy silver bullet .357 silver bullet earingbuy silver bullet
223 silver bullet earing 357 silver bullet necklace

.357 Magnum silver whole bullet earingbuy silver bullet 44 Magnum silver whole bullet earingbuy silver bullet
This is a heavy bullet, but if you have the lobes...The weight of this earing approaches the limit of human endurance
357 silver bullet earring 44 Magnum silver bullet earring

45 Acp silver bullet tie tack 308 silver bullet necklace on dog
45 acp silver bullet as a tie tack buy silver bullet Dog with 308. Not suggested unless your dog can handle the bigger guns

Pricing: Single silver bullet necklace or earring $40. Pair of silver bullet earings, $70. Sterling silver chain $15, Silver colored chain $5. Gold Bullets, POR