Custom Silver Bullet Gifts and Awards

We make silver bullets the old fashioned way, well no not in a silver mine. Also I guess there isn't any new fashioned way. They are all hand made. So don't be afraid to ask. We have made simple silver bullets, to gold bullets made of white gold with a saphire. We have probably heard it all. so give us a shot.

For gifts, we have some nice wooden gift boxes. They are lined in velvet, and you can put engraving on top, or inside

For Silver Bullet Awards, we will gladly give quantity discounts and work with you to meet your needs

Special engraved silver bullet engraved bullet
Premium engraved silver bullet. This engraving looks great! Engraving comes out in a burnished gold color. We can even do simple black and white logos. Price is $15, logos may be more. We can engrave the bullet using normal methods, however it doesn't show up too well. Please ad $15 per word for engraving
laser engraved gift box
Gift Box Laser engraved. The engraving is actually burned into the wood. Price including box is $20.
engraved gift box
Gift box engraved with silver colored plate. Price $15
engraved presentation box
Gift box with engraved plate on the inside. Price $15
Embossing options inside the lid
Emboss Blue Flag Emboss Magenta Star
Blue Velvet embossed with American FlagMagenta Velvet embossed with a Star
Emboss Green Skull Emboss Magenta Revolver
Deep Green Velvet embossed with a SkullMagenta Velvet embossed with a Revolver
Example Sales Awards
President's Club silver bullet awards
President's Club silver bullet awards
For the team, 11 44mag silver bullets in presentation boxes
President's Club silver bullet President;s award
For the president,44mag silver bullet in frame that will sit on a desk, or hang on the wall. Bullet is removable
1000 silver bullets
Larger orders? Ever seen 1000 silver plated bullets in one place? We have.

Pricing. Gift box or frame, no engraving $10. Gift box or frame, laser engraved $20, Gift box or frame, engraved plate $15. Engraving on bullet, $15 for premium engraving (excluding logo), $15 per word standard engraving

Boxes vary in shape and size. Specify dark or light. They are lined in velvet. Royal blue, deep green or magenta. The inside lid can be embossed with nothing, revolver, American flag or skull